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Apply for Skill Certification and Training : Pradhan Mantri Kausal Vikas Yojana

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has issued scheme which is Recognition of Prior Learning for skill certification. In India only 2% of youth people  are certified skill. Therefore this scheme is initiated to certify more and more skill people so that they can live a prosper life. The scheme is underway to certify the skills acquired by workers in the unorganised sectors through traditional, non-formal learning channels.


  • To train and certify Formal Skill development to  youth people.
  • Focuses on the individuals engaged in unregulated sectors.
  • To enhance the career or employability opportunities of an individual as well as to provide alternative routes to higher education


  • Unemployed youth


  • To Provide Forma Certified Degree in Training.
  • To develop higher education system.
  • To promote skill Employment in Youth.
  • Reward candidates undergoing skill training by authorized institutions at an average monetary reward of Rs.8,000 per candidate.
  • Monetary Awards for Skill  Certification to boost employability and productivity of youth by incentivizing them for skill training.

How to Apply:

Please refer to this link –http://pmkvyofficial.org/Index.aspx

For More Info: Click Here

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