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AP to build home itself on planetary start-up map


  • AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu had a meeting with Sanjay Vijayakumar of Kochi Start-up Village.
  • Sanjay is helping the government in creating a culture of creative thinking to bring a Sunrise Civilisation where the kids will grow to be entrepreneurs (job creators) instead of being job seekers.
  • Sanjay also is the man behind Vizag start-up village.
  • CM was impressed at Sanjay’s enthusiasm to help the government in designing curriculum for colleges and universities which are looking at translating student projects into start-up ideas.
  • Entrepreneurs like Sanjay is what India needs.
  • CM wants to make innovation and creative thinking a crucial part of the kids’ lives. Without innovation, one cannot grow as a society.
  • In this direction, the government is planning to expand the 17,500-sq.ft area of the Incubator Park and Vizag to 50,000 sq.ft by December next year.
  • Within 18 months, Vijayakumar told CM that,he wants to put Vizag on global start-up map along with Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, etc.
  • For this, the Vizag Start-up Village is benchmarking itself against 8 key indicators of the Silicon Valley.
  • CM has suggested that they look into the products and apps developed by local start-ups so that the government can either make use of them or market and add value to those products.
  • This will not only boost the spirits of local entrepreneurs but also help them create value for their products.
  • Government is also working on Rs.100-crore Innovation Fund for start-ups.
  • The government is doing its best to kind the entrepreneurial spirit among the students.
  • Government is also encouraging entrepreneurs to give them ideas and work with them on inspiring the students to dream big.


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