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AP govt releases road safety fund to lower accident cases


  • Andhra Pradesh would soon have resting areas with all amenities for drivers at every 100 km on National Highways in the state.
  • The resting zones for drivers would have parking spaces, lounges, commercial complexes and toilets, allowing drivers to rest for some time.
  • For the Road Safety Fund, the government will also sanction Rs. 10 crore, said Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.
  • According to officials, 78.43 per cent of accidents happen due to drivers’ fault. Of the total accidents, 74 per cent happen due to drunk driving and over-speeding, they said.
  • Naidu suggested decreasing or partial removal of boards of wine/liquor shops on highways.
  • He suggested the Road Safety Council to hold workshops in educational institutions and other programmes on following traffic rules and educating them on signages.
  • The government has also taken a decision to standardise specifications of helmets in order to bring down manufacturing of these fake head safety gears.
  • To ensure pedestrian safety, he directed the Council to prepare a plan to create pedestrian paths in cities and towns.

Source: ET

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