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8 radical shifts in Labour Reforms discourse by Narendra Modi


  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 46th Indian Labour Conference and launching of ESIC 2.0, the second generation health reform agenda for the numerous employees nationwide.
  • The PM’s speech stood out for the way in which it has altered the discourse around Labour Reforms on Aspirations, Opportunities Skills, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

On Dignity of labour

  • Over the years the dignity of labour has been lost.
  • Government and citizens need to reinstate the society’s outlook towards labours, if want to progress.
  • A new committee has been organised to oversee whether the laws are being implemented so that even the poor can get justice, based on these laws.

On  Employees as a Family, Labour as Stakeholders

  • Modi called for a deeper understanding between the employer and labourers, for any industry to prosper, rather than formulate innumerable laws to resolve long-standing issues.

On Entrepreneurship & Innovation

  • Modi stressed on innovation, asking that industry and government should see if opportunities are provided for the same.
  • Recognition of labourers who though ordinary, have brought about innovation, changing lives, needs to be made.

On skill development and apprenticeships

  • Today the world needs skilled workforce and hence the Skilled India initiative to address this challenge, while providing opportunity to the youth.
  • The government is providing apprenticeship for such individuals who due to poverty cannot obtain skill.

On empowering labourers making use of technology

  • Over 4 crore labourers have benefited from the  Universal Account Number which  made the provident fund accounts portable, making use of digital networking platform, simplifying lives of numerous labourers.

On minimum pension

  • The minimum pension amount for labourers have been raised to Rs. 1000, from paltry amounts of Rs. 80 or Rs. 100.

On ESIC and other initiatives

  • Stating that the unorganised workforce makes up for 93% of the total, the new initiatives, focusing on providing social security, health security, life insurance and pension, have been undertaken for their benefit.
  • For the uneducated labourers, social security issue has been addressed by the government in the form of key initiatives.




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