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Scheme for Cultivation of Green Fodder: Goa

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The major constraint in the field of dairy development in the state of Goa is the lack of green fodder for the milch animals. The nutritive value of feed and fodder has a significant bearing on productivity of livestock, as such a provision of green fodder for feeding milch animals is very essential. Keeping this in view fodder development has ...

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Telangana: Tribal Welfare Schemes

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Kalyan Lakshmi Scheme With a view to alleviate financial distress in the families of Scheduled Tribes, the Government launched an innovative scheme called “Kalyana Lakshmi” under which financial assistance of Rs.51,000/- shall be paid to every ST unmarried girl of 18 years and above age at the time of marriage which parental income shall not exceed Rs.2.00lakhs per annum. Komaram Bheem memorial ...

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Telangana: DPAP And DDP Schemes

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In Telangana, the Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP) and Desert Development Programme (DDP) are being implemented by the Department of Rural Development in 7 districts. Watershed programme under these schemes aims at treating degraded lands with the help of low costs and locally accessed technologies such as in-situ soil & moisture conservation, afforestation etc by involving village communities in the implementation ...

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Telangana: Abhaya Hastam Yojana

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Abhaya Hastham is a Co-contributory Pension Scheme for the women, above the age group of 18, belonging to the Self Help Groups in Telangana. Telangana Government has launched this scheme for empowerment of women, through formation, development and strengthening of women SHGs and their federations. The scheme envisages contribution of Rs.30/- per month by SHG women and Government’s co contribution ...

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Telangana: Policy For Rural Technology Center

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The Government of Telangana aims to develop the rural areas of the state into emerging Technology Centres, which in turn aid wealth and job creation. However, since the penetration of Information Technology in rural areas is still in a nascent stage in the country, setting up and operating a business comes with its own risks. The Government of Telangana has ...

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Telangana: Policy For Expansion Of ICT Units

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To maximize the impact of each of the focus areas, the government intends to release a separate list of G.O.s that will enlist the incentives and benefits that the state provides to companies interested in contributing to a particular agenda point. In this view IT and Communication Department under Telangana Government has launched policy to provide incentives for expansion of ...

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Telangana: Rythu Bandhu Scheme

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To prevent farmers from resorting to distress sales, Rythu Bandhu Pathakam has been introduced by Agriculture Department under Telangana Government in the Agriculture Market Committees to provide finance to the farmers against pledge of their produce. Beneficiaries: Every farmer of the state is eligible for the pledge loan under the scheme. Farmers who store their produce in the Godowns of ...

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Telangana: Urban Vegetable Farming

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Keeping in view the increasing urban population, escalating vegetable prices, unavailability of required area for raising kitchen and the mechanical life in cities, the Department of Horticulture under Telangana Govt., has launched a scheme through the RKVY for growing good quality, residue free vegetables for the urban residents by vegetable farming on terrace. Objectives: The producer gets fresh vegetables at ...

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Telangana: Poly House Plan Scheme

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Poly Houses are protected structures made up of GI pipes covered with polythene, used for cultivation of high value horticulture crops. The Government of Telangana has launched a scheme on establishment of Poly Houses in Telangana under State Plan Schemes through the Department of Horticulture. Objectives: Enhancing productivity per unit area. Promotion of high value Horticulture crops under Poly houses. ...

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Breeding and Rearing of Livestock Rearing Scheme: Goa

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In Goa, Animals are to be bred using Jersey semen. The local cattle owners find it very difficult to stall-feed their unproductive indigenous cattle. This leads to the animals roaming in the streets looking for grazing patches or feeding from the dustbins as scavenger cows. Deaths in these cows are reported due to consumption of plastic bags over a period ...

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