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Agriculture Policy of Punjab

PC: www.hindustantimes.com

Government of Punjab introduced Agriculture Policy, in order to achieve the multidimensional potential of agricultural development in the state. This ambitious policy aims at encouraging private sector participation in the field of agricultural research, development, extension, input management and distribution, and agricultural marketing. Objectives: To improve production technology and infrastructure by promoting private sector in agricultural supply chain. To ensure ...

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Scholarships by Department of Defence Services Welfare

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Special Scholarships are given to the children of Ex-Servicemen and War Heroes so that they can continue their studies. Education is a necessity for the development of the society.  To encourage higher studies among the youth, scholarships are provided under Punjab Amalgamated Fund. The key features are enlisted below: Eligibility: Children of Ex-Servicemen or Widows. Securing First and Second Position in University ...

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Punjab Voluntary Retirement Scheme

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Punjab Government has launched Punjab State Public Sector Undertakings Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS). This will apply to the Subsidiaries of the PSUs defined as entities in which PSUs and/or Govt. –  holding more than 50% equity. Objectives: To achieve optimum human resource utilization. To optimize return on investment in PSUs. Eligibility: All persons employed on permanent/regular basis working against regular ...

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Pre Coaching Scheme: Punjab

PC: wikipedia.org

This scheme was launched back in 1997 for the welfare of children of Ex-Servicemen. The Ex-Servicemen served the nation whole life in extreme conditions and protected the nation from the anti-social elements of the world. After they retire they deserve to be provided assistance and help from the government. This scheme provides assistance to the children of Ex-Servicemen who have ...

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Punjab Livestock Breeding Policy

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Animal and Husbandry Department, Punjab Govt. has introduced the Livestock Breeding Policy to promote breeding and development of livestock especially in Cattle and Buffaloes in the State as under. Objectives: To undertake systematic improvement of dairy cattle and buffaloes. To undertake systematic bull production and evaluation program so as to improve the productivity of dairy cows and buffaloes. To regulate ...

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MAI BHAGO ISTRI SHAKTI SCHEME- Empowerment Of Women Through Cooperatives

PC: govinfo.me

The scheme gets its inspiration from the legendry great woman from the history of Punjab who became an inspiring/motivating figure for the great ‘40 Muktas’ of the Sikh History. She is known as a symbol of power and faith. Objectives: Strengthen women especially in rural areas in single/individual capacity or clusters or groups. Strengthen women’s activities through training at convenient ...

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Guru Harkrishan Educational Society Scholarship Scheme

PC: www.ghes.org

Guru Harkrishan Educational Society, Chandigarh is running a scheme for providing scholarships to needy bright students studying in Professional/Vocational Courses such as Medical / Managerial / Technical / Scientific / Engineering / Computer Technology / Graduation in Commerce, Education and Post- Graduation etc. Eligibility: Student should have minimum 60% marks in previous examination. Income of parents of student should not ...

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Fee Reimbursement of Students Studying in Private School

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The department of Defence Services Welfare is providing assistance to the families of War Heroes and Ex-Servicemen. The children of Ex-servicemen (NCOs/ORs) who are studying in private school are covered under this scheme. The scheme is active from 1999 for the welfare of children. The key features of this policy are enlisted below: Eligibility: Wards of ESM whose annual income ...

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Financial Assistance to Student Studying in Regimental Schools

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The Department of Defence Services of Punjab was established for the welfare of military personnel and ex-servicemen. There are total 5 regiment schools in Punjab. The students registered under this scheme are given financial assistance every month for their welfare. They key features of this scheme are enlisted below: Eligibility: Student should be studying in the regiment school. Student should ...

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